Explore the History at “The Exploratorium”

The Exploratorium
The Exploratorium

 Explore the History at “The Exploratorium”

The Exploratorium is a learning laboratory that features 600 hands-on exhibits that cover a plethora of subject matter. The subject matter includes psychology, engineering, geography, biology, and others. There are six main galleries, each with its own interactive offerings. You can also have a close look at the 10,000-toothpick sculpture of San Francisco that also acts as a marble run for ping pong balls. This is one of the main attractions of The Exploratorium.

Many of us would think that an education a trip is a must while we are out on a tour. It helps broaden our horizon of intellect as well as helps us to know about the concepts of different subjects prevalent in the host country. For those who believe such a trip might be unnecessary need to visit the Exploratorium in order to change their views as they are introduced to a number of novel ideas and innovative ideas to exhibit the old concepts. It is not an ordinary museum rather it is an ongoing exploration of science, human perception, art and history. It is based on the concept of intersection of the three vast fields of arts, science and human perception. It encourages curiosity-based learning. It has regular educational events going on and if you are planning your trip so it is always a good idea to attend these interactive sessions that can definitely leave you more knowledgeable than you were when you first entered the boundaries of the Exploratorium. Here is some firsthand information about the Exploratorium:

Directions and Parking:

You can easily enter by reaching Pier 15 by bus, bike or your personal car. There are a lot of parking areas near this campus. You can purchase parking tickets from the attendants who will ensure that your car is safe. You can use various discount codes to enjoy a cut-off on the parking rates.

Different Activities

There are a number of attractions for you at the Exploratorium that will both inform and entertain you. Some will simply dazzle your mind at the creativity of ideas that have been used to convey the information. Here are few highlights of few activities that you can witness or participate in:

  • Soap Film Painting

This activity involves teaching you how to make stunning painting using just two ingredients that is soap and water. Thus, it provides you a chance to find the hidden artist in you and even if you think you are not good of an artist, still you need to give I a try so you don’t have to regret later.

  • Energy From Dead

This is a demonstration to prove that we conserve energy from the dead and how is it exactly done. It is an intriguing display and is an example of the ongoing exploration of intersection of science and human perception.

  • Dissection of the Sheep Brain

This helps in unraveling the test of memory.

  • Agar Cell Diffusion

In this projection, agar cubes are used to show how size has an effect on diffusion.